Mailing lists is one of the effective tools for email marketing campaigns. You may think renting mailing list is a simple task, but ideally you can’t rent the lists. There are many procedures that need to be followed so blindly don’t fall in the trap of brokers.

Here are few important facts to be considered while renting finance mailing lists.

Opt Your Broker and List Carefully

Blindly don’t rent the mailing list if it is of cheaper rate. The proverb which says “less you pay, less you get” is absolutely true when you rent finance mailing lists for your business.  Basically mailing list should contain fresh targeted contact details and it should be more precise, demographically and behaviorally. Choose broker relevant to your business field because contact details in the lists should be a good match for your service, in the sense it should be adequate for your niche. So it is best to recheck whether renting mailing lists will satisfy all your requirements.

Important facts to know before renting finance email list

Important facts to know before renting finance email list

Try To Know How List Is Complied

It is better to know how list is complied before renting because it directly reflects the quality of the list. There may be many reasons to find answer for this, but first find out how list is created and when it was created because lists should always be updated with the new contact details. If the list is created with the current targeted contact details, then it will be of much greater quality than a list that contains random details which is just explored from the search engines. So be careful with these things because sometimes irrelevant mailing lists may create bad impression on your brand.

Clarify With the Content in the List

Before renting the mailing lists clarify with the content in the list so that you will get to know what exactly the list contains. Review the lists properly in order to check it’s quality. In addition to that clarify with the number of contact details in the lists so that no confusions will be there for you after renting it. While renting finance mailing lists it is important to have quality and accurate data including person name, contact details, purchase history or any other info. So don’t compromise with this information because in future it may affect on your business.

Blindly, Don’t Send Mails by Yourself

Many brokers will suggest you to send mails by yourself according to lists. It may sound simple, in reality most of the email list service providers won’t allow to send mails without getting permission from the recipients. So this may be one of the main reason for bad reputation and you could experience a high level of unsubscribes, bounce rate and spam complaints. If you rent the finance mailing lists then make sure you’re being under CAM-SPAM ACT.

Accordance with All Privacy Information Legislation Laws

Ideally, don’t rent the mailing list if broker is not complied with all privacy information legislation polices. In some countries like Australia and Canada have some specific laws for personal information and how it is to be collected and kept. For example, Australia has Information Privacy Act and Canada has the Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act. So make sure with the broker whether he finance mailing lists has complied in accordance with all privacy information laws before renting the lists.

Test Before You Rent

Do not rent a mailing list before testing it because it is important to test the quality and accuracy of the list. First consider only few contact details and make sure you have accurate measuring tools to check open rates, click through rates and conversion rates. In addition to that track the bounce rate, number of unsubscribes and spam complaints in order to check the quality of the lists. The best and easy way to check the accuracy of the list is identify the unique open rates to measure the accuracy and quality of the list. This testing process will avoid you getting into the danger zone.

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