If we recall our childhood, our classrooms used to revolve around a teacher and students sitting idly and half of the class listening to the teacher blindly!! But now advanced technologies are introduced in classrooms and this is improving the student’s level of thinking and innovation. Meanwhile, on the other hand, it is also affecting students by making them lazy, obese and unhealthy.

Without sticking on one conclusion, we shall discuss few pointers about the pros and cons of using technology in classrooms.

Pros of Using Technology in Classrooms:

  • Develops Independent Leaning Skills

Nowadays, internet has become a treasure thrive of information. Practically speaking, internet is the open source to search any single piece of information that can be found online. Even though there is a question of credibility about the source and data. Still it serves as an educational resource for students without taking any assist from their teachers or parents.

Apart from textbooks, students can find the E-books, web based content and online tests for self evaluation in real time.

  • Exciting Ways to Educate Students

Days are gone where the teaching methods restricted only with the textbooks, blackboard and a chalk. But now technology is widely integrated in the education system. Teachers can now incorporate the videos, images, power point presentations and other graphics while teaching. Overall, this creates an exciting environment while teaching and even students can get more practical exposure.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Using Technology In Classrooms?

The Pros & Cons Of Using Technology In Classrooms

  • Reduces Burden of Textbook & Tuition Fee

Online resource reduces the burden of buying textbooks and tuition fee. Now no longer students have to depend on textbooks because typo errors may lead to confusion. So it is better to go for the digital content, where actual textbooks can stay in classroom, but digital content can be accessed at anytime and anywhere.

Nowadays, online tutoring has become more popular, where students can select their tutors across the globe. By considering these factors, the overall cost of education will be lower.

  • New Teaching Methods

Instead of spending hours together for teaching single topic or reading an entire chapter, it is better to adapt advanced teaching methods. Teachers can make use of podcasts, blogs, social media and even they can make use of web conferencing technologies and other online tools for effective teaching.

Many online tools are available to educate all types of students like who are struggling or need special training. This may include voice recognition tool, text to speech converter, word prediction software and many other assistive technologies.

Cons of Using Technology in Classroom:

  • Negative Impact on Technology

As per the consumerism, smart gadgets like laptops, smartphones and tablets are widely viewed as tools to entertain rather than using it for study purpose. On the other hand, compared to textbook and smart gadget, students are likely to gravitate towards the textbooks while reading. Smart gadgets are likely to use for playing games or to spend time on social media.

  • Lack of Interest in Studying

Nowadays everything can be accessed within a fraction of seconds if you have internet connection or data saved in your computer systems or in mobile devices. For this sake students are more relying towards the internet and online study. This may result poor studying habit, lack of writing skills and a lazy attitude towards an education system. Most of the students misspell words because they often use spell checker and rather than solving mathematical equations, they are searching for solution in the search engines.

  • Diminish In-Person Education System

Online learning and ready study materials are just a automatic process and do not establish any personal interaction; this affects on students performance. Lessons delivered online or through digital resource may lead to lack of face-to-face interaction and students are facing lake of creativity and innovation.

Finally, Integrating advanced technology in the education system is inevitable, but proper usage might help to keep the drawbacks to the minimum.

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